Horses and Hospice Care

I started looking into horseback riding activities after my mother had to be transferred to hospice care in Atlanta, our hometown. Initially, it was quite a depressing time for all of us and I wanted to find something to help take our minds away from the hospice reality for a bit. Instead of jumping head-first into a high-powered new hobby, I chose horseback riding as a way to deal with the stress of my mother being in hospice care.

*Sidenote – My mother was in very good hands with the Hospice Care Atlanta team. If you and your family are in the Atlanta area, I’d highly suggest you visit their website at (

While she fought her own battle, my mother remained a huge source of encouragement and love to me and my family. When she was healthier, she remained active and even learned to swim in her 50s so she could join her friends at water aerobics. She maintained an appropriate activity level even during her stay at a hospice care facility. She engaged in routine activities and even pushed herself to continue some extracurricular activities during her final days. I felt I owed it to her to continue enjoying new activities.

My advice to anyone is if you are looking to begin horseback riding, find a great facility with trained instructors. Also, anything in the equestrian arena can get pricey. That is why it is important to set a budget. In the event that you fall in love with horseback riding and want to become an avid rider, you will have some idea of how much you can spend on your new activity. And remember, motivation is key. I took motivation from my mother’s hospice care treatment here in Atlanta and used it as fuel to fight back stress and depression during a difficult time. Find something that inspires you to keep going, learning and doing new things and channel that into your newfound horseback riding hobby. Good luck!