Horse Training – Easy or Not?

Good horse training is boring to watch, lets admit that. It appears as though absolutely nothing is happening. Most people are impressed by training methods which are only a blatant series of attacks around the horse as they are dramatic to observe. However, physically dominating a horse will not teach him anything. To practice with  a horse, you must use mental strength, not physical strength.

Training horses begins with understanding how their minds work. You will need to understand a horse’s logic, the way they think. The mind of a horse does not work exactly like a person does. They don’t associate events or even a sequence of actions just like we reason that everything is related. To train a horse, therefore, you will need to appreciate how horse logic works and base your training on that.

Horses animals of prey. They’re in an undesirable position in the food chain and so they know this. Their eyes are outside their heads so they can see danger originating from any direction. If we approach a horse, it’s got no chance of knowing what our actual intent is. It may only observe our actions and make up a decision that it is safe to be put or advisable to flee.

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