Asbestos abatement in Farms

Are there any farms in the US old enough to need asbestos removal? Sure there are. Are there any farms left in the deep south that would need asbestos testing? Again, that’s a sure bet. That is why when my friend decided to buy a farm, I told her she needed to click this link and call them in order to really know if she was getting a good buy.

Now, let me back up a bit. My friend grew up in Kentucky on a farm. She comes from a long line of equestrians who breed, show and love horses. So, her interest in buying a farm made perfect sense to me. After all, there is this little thing called The Kentucky Derby that my friend grew up admiring and wanting to recreate for her own life as an adult. For some of our city-bred friends, the thought of owning a farm is like stepping back in time. They would rather visit a vineyard than ride a horse. And, I get it. Farming is a lot of work. It is not like having a garden that you tend to on the weekends and in your free time.asbestos in farm

Also, owning horses is a large responsibility in its own right. Even though my friend grew up on a farm, she had been out of that world for a long time. She went to college and transformed herself into a city girl. She even lived in a high rise condo in downtown Atlanta. So, for her to get back to her roots, so to speak, she needed to find a property that would keep her close to the city, but far enough away to really allow her the space to have a horse farm with some real land.

I went with her to look at real estate on the outskirts of Georgia. When we got to some of the properties, I served as the voice of reason to temper her expectations. That is why I brought up the Atlanta asbestos testing idea. My dad is a contractor and one of his largest clients bought an old structure with the intent to make it into a shopping center. When the client began the demolition process, he realized that he had gotten more than he bargained for when he purchased the structure. It had a bit of a termite problem, mold issues and tested positive for asbestos as well.

My friend ended up buying a horse farm and hired an asbestos testing team to test for the presence of the substance on the premises. She talked to me about the asbestos abatement company she hired and let me know they did a great job. They explained everything they were doing with the testing, why they were doing it and what the positive and negative results meant for her moving forward. In the end, she did not have to hire a removal team because her place did have any traces of the substance.

I have to admit that I never thought I would like visiting a farm, but because it is my friend’s farm, I happen to think it’s pretty cool. Thank goodness she still lives close to the city though. A girl can’t get too accustomed to the smell of country life.