New Year Stable Renovations

In many ways, Houston still resembles the wild west. One thing the city is known for is farmland, and with any good farm comes stables. Stables are full of many things. Horses, usually, are on that list. But things like hay and feed, as well as other animals can be on the short list. One thing that is normally not on that list is asbestos. That substance is most likely reserved for structures like old buildings and homes. However, the team at asbestos abatement houston knows that the hazardous material is found in many older structures, including stable in houston

One of my dearest friends had a beloved farm complete with horses, pigs and chickens. She planned to do a few upgrades to her stable before the work came to a halt before it even began. It turned out that one side of her stable contained asbestos in the insulation. She was devastated because she was concerned that her animals had been exposed to the toxic material. However, once the asbestos removal crew came out for a quick assessment, she was happy to learn that her animals had not been exposed at all. That is because the asbestos they found was still intact and undisturbed. In that state, asbestos poses little to no health risk to people or animals. It is when the substance is disturbed that it releases toxins into the air that can cause health issues such as difficulty breathing, coughing, wheezing and asthma attacks. Exposure over time can lead to cancer of the lungs, including mesothelioma.

She was able to have the asbestos safely removed after having a team come out and assess her stable. One of the funniest things she had to deal with during this renovation was the relocation of her animals. Even though Houston is full of stables, there are few that have openings to house extra animals, even for a night. She had to arrange transport of three horses, four pigs and half a dozen chickens. Of course, the chickens were the easiest to relocate. She actually had room in her backyard to house them. It was a bit awkward having the there temporarily, but it was the best option. She had to make sure her dog and cat did not sneak outside to mix with the chickens though.

Her pigs and horses were a bit harder to relocate. Eventually, she split the two animals up between a close friend who took her horses and a neighbor with a farm located down the road from her. The asbestos removal process took about four days and was successful. She had her animals back in their stable in no time.