Our Facility

stalls1We provide a stable environment that suits the needs of horse owners. When looking housing, be sure they have state-of-the-art facilities to offer you.

Horses should be stabled for twelve hours per day and turned out twelve hours per day (unless severe weather prohibits turn out).  They should be rotated day/night depending on the season.

Horses are introduced to pasture mates carefully and must be supervised closely until friendships are formed. We turn out in groups of 1 to 4 horses.

Horses are stabled in large 12 x 12 boxes with an open view of the entire 27 stall barn.  They are fed twice a day from a variety of top quality feeds according to their personal nutritional needs.  Fresh water & a trace mineral block are accessible in each stall.

Our horses have the benefit of a large airy, well lit indoor arena with comfortable washed blue stone footing.  They can also enjoy a nice run in the country around our private bridle path or in one of the pastures with the most incredible views